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KEVIN LARK              Harp Hill School. Identical twin brother to Dylan.

                        A maths genius who buckles under any sort of
                        social pressure. A fantasist with academic form but                                         immature. Loves Penny Hart. Best friends with Pat. 16.

DYLAN CHAMBERS          Forest Hill School. Identical twin brother to Kevin. Artistically                            gifted but an academic struggler. Confident and charismatic.                                Determined to prove the world wrong but is constantly making poor                            choices. 16.

PENNY HART              Harp Hill School. Intelligent but insecure, although she’s been                              there a long time, she remains an outsider at Harp Hill. She has a                          difficult relationship with her parents and has never felt as                                though she belongs anywhere. 16.

PAT O'COUGHLAN          Harp Hill School. Right hand gadget man to Kevin’s maverick sci-fi                          leadership. Kevin’s intellectual inferior who, emotionally, can                              only function in the moment. 16.

ANJALI MAHMOOD          Harp Hill School. The straight foil to Pat and Kevin's weird and                            wonderful imaginations. Very bright but very much on the outside                            of the cool kids. Keeps her head down but knows what's going on.                            15.

HARRY LUDLOWE- BROWN    Harp Hill. Head Boy. Rules by fear and is intent on
                        humiliating Kevin, Pat Penny and Anjali. Rich and arrogant with

                        it. 16.

SARAH MAYES             Forest Hill. Cool but hiding her intelligence and

                        ambition in order to fit in. Going out with Dylan and constantly                            fighting to get the best out of him. 16.

SPUD ROBINSON           Forest Hill. Bottom set, no academic strengths but a bloody good                            laugh, fearless. Easily led. Heart is in the right place. 15.

TOM CRIGHTON            Forest Hill. Lad, flashy, wants to be David Beckham. Likes to show                          off. 16.


GLORIA PAIGE            Forest Hill. Sarah's best friend. Bright, cool and very protective                          of Sarah. Wary of Dylan. 15.               


COURTNEY G              Forest Hill. Thrives more on instinct than reason. Always up for a                          fight or a laugh depending on what's more appropriate. 16.

RALPH                   Forest Hill. A posh 'innocent' who has somehow found himself at                              Forest Hill. Messenger for both teachers and pupils alike. At                                Dylan's beckoned call for fear of repercussions.

ENSEMBLE                To cover all other incidental characters as well as being students                          from both schools.


HARP HILL SCHOOL:       Corridor, Library, by the fence of the lower field, Theatre/School                          hall.

FOREST HILL:            Classroom, by the fence of the lower field, outside C - Block,                              toilet block.

          Everything takes place either side of a fence that separates the two schools. The fence can be moved and 'struck' as dictated by the action so doesn't always divide the stage equally in two.


          A slash (/) in or at the end of a line followed by a slash at the start of the next line signifies an interruption. Scenes with two or more characters should generally be performed at good pace with some overlapping of lines encouraged.


          Backing vocals should always be performed within the language of the piece, i.e. a school choir in rehearsal in the background of the main song/scene.


          South London. 1999. Worlds Apart is the story of two sixteen year old identical twins separated at birth who - unbeknownst to themselves - attend two very different schools either side of a fence. Kevin is a 'boarder' at Harp Hill - the expensive local private school. He is academically brilliant but a social misfit. His twin brother Dylan is a

pupil at local state comprehensive Forest Hill. He is an academic struggler but is blessed with an 'alpha' popularity and the gift of the gab. They both need what the other has and when a chance sighting leads to a meeting, they decide to swap places for the day. The swap changes both boys in ways they could never have imagined. They not only discover a bond with each other but also learn that people and places that seem very different on the surface may not be so different after all.


A coming of age comedy that tackles themes of teenage insecurity, polarisation and change driven by an original Brit-Pop influenced score.

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